Magical Thinking


Sunset treeRecently I was thinking about moving my office    across  town, closer to where I now live. The commute is not a great distance, about twenty minutes. I simply prefer to be closer.

There are things I love about my office; I painted and decorated it with my former partner in life and business partner, and the location is right across from Denver’s City Park. Still I was thinking it might be best to move closer.

One day while these thoughts were churning in my mind I had a break between clients and decided to take a stroll in the park. It was just before sunset. I began to feel exhilarated and fully alive as I walked, and the sky slowly began to transform into the sky of a magical paradise, at least from my perspective.

I did what many people would do in my position at that moment. I began to believe that the universe was talking to me, helping me to resolve the questions that were churning in my head at that time. Is that magical thinking? Of course it is. However, isn’t all thinking magical thinking?

Even if one were to choose an entirely materialistic perspective, the phenomena of thinking, is magical. Thoughts rise up from a combination of electrical impulses and chemicals streaming through the brain. Does that mean that consciousness is a product of chemicals, protein, and electricity? That is alchemy, the transmutation of materials into something new, something living. And this is without bringing God or divinity into the picture. This picture becomes even more magical when recent neurological research findings are added to the alchemical stew. Researchers have found that consciousness changes the relationship between the chemicals, protein, and electricity in the brain. Consciousness alters the brain.

Please forgive me if, to me, talking to the universe seems rather ho hum in light of the above information. What I chose to see at dusk that day was a magical, wondrous, exhilarating, beautiful, and divine world. I could have chosen to see, blue, magenta, yellow brown and green shapes, and that is what I would have seen. I chose awe instead.

I could choose a universe that is silent and vacant. I choose connection and presence. If consciousness has anything to do with the world outside of itself, or, for that matter, even if it only influences the world within itself, I choose wonder and delight. In gratitude I recognize I am free to choose.IMG_0876



  1. Beautiful collaboration of humanism recognizing energy and the right to choose natural thought process.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Robyn. Yes, let’s choose awe!

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