Transformation is the movement from constriction, stagnation, a feeling of suffocation or stuckness, to a feeling of freedom, openness, ease of breath, and movement into full potential.

Philosophy of psychotherapy

Transformation only happens in relationship. For change to take place, a relational home is necessary. The efficacy of therapy is primarily dependent on the nature of the relationship between client and therapist. If the therapist is fully present, supportive, and inviting to all of the client, the chances for a positive outcome to therapy are greatly increased. The absence of a relational home for transformation generally leads to superficial temporary changes.

My methodology is the methodology of awareness. Awareness is facilitated in a warm, inviting environment.

We make ourselves stuck by building walls of protection around us, which probably made perfect sense at the time. However, walls of protection eventually become walls of constriction. These walls lead us to the illusion of having no choices in our situation, to the belief that life is happening to us, instead of what is true, that we are living our lives and making choices of how we live life. We decide what attitude to have towards life in a constant fluid motion, in freedom.

I invite you into the room with me, all of you, including the aspects of yourself that you may have difficulties with. Therapy is a form of play where one experiments with ways of being. In doing this, you begin to discover and ultimately to let go of what is getting in the way of having a full, rich, and joyful life. You will discover a multitude of choices of how to approach life and relationships. You will find the opportunity to step into your freedom. This leads to more openness, presence, and creativity.