Why Go To Therapy When None Of Us Are Broken?

Why Go To Therapy When None Of Us Are Broken?

It is how we relate to the other and who we think we are that is the source of suffering in our lives. We place value on objects. A bar of pure gold, for most of us, is worth more than a bar of iron. When we place value on ourselves, whether good or bad, it is an indication that we are objectifying ourselves, turning ourselves into objects. Depression can be seen as clinging to a “negative” objectification of the self, while narcissism can be viewed as clinging to a “positive” objectification of the self.

Why would we cling to images of the “self” that lead to suffering? It is because freedom inspires anxiety, existential anxiety. We want to be solid and fixed because then we can predict who we will be in five years, or even in the next five minutes. This reification of who we are give us a sense of security. However, it is a false sense of security. One of the prices of living in this illusion of security is that it leads to the illusion of being stuck or frozen. We become the “flawed object” that needs fixing. We operate as though life does us, instead of us doing life.

Therapy explores our relationship to “the other” and “who” or “what ” we think we are. If there is a goal in therapy, it is to soften our grip on everything. Inviting freedom, spontaneity, creativity,and connection.

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